Monday, July 14, 2014

B12 | Melbourne 2014 Days 4-8

Continuing from our previous post...

Day 4 (Lunar 1878 Winter Night Markets at Queen Victoria Markets):
Wednesday night we rugged up and went to the first Winter Night Markets for the year. There was so many things from food, urban artist works, small boutique shops and so on. Although it was pretty chilly, it was nice to go out for some unique feeds.
Sweet and Pumpkin Soup with Coriander

Wonder Bao's Da Chicken and Choi Bao (Vego) and Braised Pork Belly and Eggplant Guo Bao

Day 5: Brunch at Richmond, tourists at Hosier Lane
Top Paddock's Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcakes definitely caught our attention after seeing numerous posts on Instagram. Of course, we couldn't leave Melbourne without trying what Top Paddock had to offer.

Day 6: Dinner at Vegie Bar
 Vegie Bar's baked gnocchi and Virtuoso seeded spelt flour pizza
Berry cheesecake and Apple & Pear crumble

Day 7: The B12 Tour Guide
What better way to start a tour with our top brunch place by far than at Top Paddock. David and his girlfriend from America came down to Melbourne for two days and asked us to show them some interesting places around the city. From brunch, we travelled to Fitzroy where we shared a a litre tub of gelato from Gelato Messina and made our way to the city to show them iconic landmarks and streets.

One of Melbourne's most well-known fusion restaurant, Chin Chin

So pretty much, we just ate. It was a bulking hibernation trip haha! But the amount of walking we did hopefully cancelled out all the food we ate...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

B12 | Melbourne 2014 Days 1-3

And here for our half-yearly edition of the B12 blog!

Day 1 (since Jiwon arrived):
Jiwon arrived to Melbourne at a bright and early time of the day (around 8:45am) and we met up for brunch at our beloved Manchester Press.

Avocado and Fetta Mash | Bacon, Tomato and Mozzarella

The beanie club

Super delicious blueberry waffle from Waffee

 Day 2 (Mt. Dandenong):
Aileen's mum took us on a day trip to Mount Dandenong to get some fresh air. Best opportunity to explore what else Melbourne had to offer besides the city life.

Day 3 (Pana Chocolate):
Ever since the opening of Pana Chocolate's new cafe in Richmond, we wanted to see what all the hype was about. Much to our expectations, absolute bliss. After such satisfaction, we walked down Chapel St (the longest street you'll ever find in Melbourne) for a good 3km, pretty much until the shops started to close.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays just as much as we are!
B12 x

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Waaaaay Overdue Post: Melbourne - Days One Two Three

Hiiiii.... long time no see, no blog? Yet, here we finally are! The one and only B1&2 twins have finally reunited in the beautiful city of Melbourne. For the past five months we were apart from each other as Jiwon moved to Sydney for uni, therefore, we were unfortunately unable to keep the blog up and running like great bloggers would... as we promised. So after a long overdue post, we present you with the adventure of our B12 adventures in Melbourne!

Day One:

Let's start from the 20th of December now shall we. Both of us arrived around the same time and the first thing we did was have brunch at Manchester Press (with our suitcase and all). 

Fruit and Nut Bagel topped with mixed berry mascarpone, strawberries and pistachio dust & Avocado, fetta, chilli and mint smash with cherry tomatoes, roquette and pine nuts

We ended up arriving home late in the afternoon, had a quick nap and trammed our way back to the city for dinner. It's so gooood to have someone who likes walking around every where!

Day Two:

No surprise, we spent our day at the city. Originally, we planned to have brunch at The Hardware Societe but found out it was closed for the next two months due to a fire in one of the neighbouring apartments *sad face*. Instead, we happened to find a nice little cafe called the Larder Section which served amazing muesli and granola! 

Rhubarb and Christmas Spice Bircher Muesli & Almond and Five Seed Granola 

The rest of the day was spent shopping and we went on a little adventure to find a juice bar called 'Pressed Juices' which has been on Jiwon's To-Go-To list for quite a while now since she had heard about them when she was in Sydney. Trust us, this was no ordinary juice place, they had an amazingly diverse selection of cold-pressed juices and smoothies (made daily) we wanted to buy every single one. 

We ended up purchasing the Almond Mylk & Smooth Vitality Smoothie

Day Three:

This morning we unintentionally wore colour coordinated outfits - black and white. 

We visited the Queen Victoria Markets and our best purchase was definitely five blocks of Loving Earth chocolate blocks for $20! 

We walked passed these stunning flowers as we were leaving the QVM and the first person we thought of was Steph! We miss you Steph!!

Our plan was to then head to the graffiti walls at Union Lane to take photos and selfies, as we do. While heading towards there, we walked passed a sticker photo booth and we both realised we had never taken one of them together before so.. we yolo'ed it.

How asian /10

 Then off we went, to take maaany photos and selfies.

aaand to top it all off, we finally saw Aileen's mum who came back from her Sydney trip! (So glad and grateful to finally have met the sweetest mother of my one and only Aileen!) 

Jiwon is now apart of the family btw. 
Until next time <3